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​75% Commission Across The Funnel

LBF is groundbreaking in its approach because there’s never been a fully customizable, personalized approach to attaining a bikini competitor’s or fitness model’s body, available to the average person without the fees of a coach.

It was developed through 15 years of in depth research and experience, by a coach to women who compete and model, and doesn’t hide behind a pen name… this is the real deal, it works, and we have proof via endless testimonials.

Women are aware that they are individuals who need a custom approach; most just can’t afford to pay for that custom approach. This program provides just that, but makes it available to the average person via an easily customizable program that’s sure to produce real results when followed.

Which is yet another thing where it differs: It is EASY to follow!

The nutritional program is based on eating more than the average person generally even eats in a day (our customers complain that they eat TOO MUCH while they attain their ideal bodies!), and it works even without an exercise program being followed. It is that good!

Science and customizability add up to the new generation of fitness… it’s a new approach, and it works. It’ll work to help women attain their goals, and give you the opportunity to make some serious cash in the process.

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CONTACT: [email protected]om

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Subject:  The 3 shocking "naughty" foods for weight loss
Resend subject 2: Tiffany lost 80lbs by "pigging out" on these 3 cheat foods
Resend subject 3: The 3 "cheat foods" to lose weight fast

Hey [firstname]
Sounds really weird doesn’t it?
But if you’d like to try something thats been proven to produce crazy fast results…
Something that has worked for over 111,213 women in 27 different countries for over 15 years now...
And something that DOESN'T even require any extra exercise...
Then you need to
>> watch this presentation<<  right now.
It’s about how bikini fitness model and certified nutritional coach Olesya Novik...
...discovered that by having her clients eat these 3 certain cheat foods...
They all noticed their fat just melted right off.
It was an incredible fat loss breakthrough.
Her clients simply wanted to lose a couple pounds but amazingly...
The lost so much weight, so fast, toned and sculpted... they went from
average every-day moms to the covers of fitness magazines!
Like her client Tiffany who went from 185lbs to 120lbs and become a pro bikini competitor and fitness model.
>> This video explains it all <<
I don’t need to tell you what this could mean for anyone looking to get the dream body of a bikini fitness model.
Check it out before she decides to keep the secret discovery for her clients only.

Here's to your success!,
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Email Swipe #​2

Subject:  ​The real reason your diet isn't working
Resend subject 2: Here's exactly why your diet sucks
Resend subject 3: ​​The diet that got these moms their flat bellies back

​Hey [firstname]
Feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t shed those pounds you want to lose?
Have you been on every diet in the books and are ready to give up?
Does it seriously feel like no matter what nutrition plan you use, nothing works on you?
I urge you to resist that decision to give up, throw in the towel and quit trying for good.
There IS a reason your diet sucks and honestly, it's not your fault at all.
Fact is, all those diets you’ve tried – all that time you spent saying ‘no’ to the foods you really wanted to eat could be the very reason that you can’t lose weight.
Curious to know more?
Watch this short ​video
...and let bikini fitness model,  and food psychology coach Olesya Novik show you,
...how her diet methods take women in their 50's from average every-day mom to the pages of fitness magazines.
No matter your age or starting point and WITHOUT giving up the Carbs you love!
>> Click Here To Get A Flat Belly Lean Body Fast <<

Here's to your ultimate success!
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