Beauty Products on a Budget

Lancome, Clinique, MAC, Nars, Yves Saint Laurent, MUFE, Becca, Estee Lauder, Vincent Longo, Christian Dior, Chanel, and the list goes on…

Ahh… designer makeup. We all want to be able to shop at Sephora and all those high-end department store beauty counters, but unfortunately, with today’s economy and salaries, that’s not always possible. Yet we all want to look good!


Well, you do have options! You can look beautiful without spending a fortune on your makeup, and I’m here to tell you how.

You see, I’ve been using Avon products for some time now, and have tried just about their entire line at this point. Some products have completely failed, while others have pleasantly surprised me by carrying out their promises while maintaining their affordability.

Knowing that you’re probably on the lookout for effective skin care and makeup that won’t leave you with an empty wallet, I figured I’d share what I’ve learned. So here I am, giving you the good, the bad, and the ugly on Avon Products.

The Basics: Moisturizers

My personal favorites are the Solutions Total Radiance A.M and P.M creams. Not only are these creams effective, but they’re also available for just $11.99 — for both. Plus, there’s currently a special that gives you the Solutions Plus Eye Gel for free!

The Total Radiance creams are full of vitamin E, which helps to minimize the scarring left behind by blemishes and the sun. The day cream also has SPF 15, and in this day and age of the depleted ozone layer, that’s definitely a plus! The night cream is meant for dry skin and contains Wild Pansy Extract for optimum hydration — the key to maintaining a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.


Every girl can use a bit of evening out, and who doesn’t want flawless skin?!

I’m partial to the Avon Mineral Foundation. It’s comparable to Bare Minerals Foundations, which sell for $25.00 for .3 ounces. Avon sells .20 oz of a very similar product for $11.00. That’s almost half the price! I don’t know about you, but I’m all for more product for less money.

These powders are talc, oil, and fragrance-free, and they seem to be the best thing for the acne scars on my forehead. They’re also so light on my face that I don’t feel like I am wearing a mask of makeup, and I don’t look cracked or creased by the end of the day.


Avon also makes a mineral blush that comes in many different tones and brings the same benefits as the mineral foundation does. It’s free of anything that’s damaging to the skin and doesn’t crack or crease the way some other, non-mineral products can.

Moving on to my favorite part of the makeup routine…

Eye Shadows and Liners

My personal favorites from the Avon eye makeup line are the Glimmer Sticks Liners and the 12 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette. Personally, I can’t handle liquid liners. I end up looking like cat woman after any and all attempts to use them, so I find these Self Sharpening Glimmersticks to be the perfect compromise between regular pencils and liquid liners.

Currently, my favorite colors are Emerald, Midnight Blue, and Smokey Grey. The run at only $6.00 a piece, and last for quite a while. They also have good staying power, so I’d recommend them for stage or photography use, too.

The 12 in 1 palette fits into any bag and is very versatile, since the colors range from dark blue and green with shimmers, to the more neutral tones like beige and brown. They all blend well together and work with any of the eyeliner colors I’m in the mood for that day. The 12 in 1 palette is $20.00, which is roughly just $1.66 a color!

Just a quick trick before we move on: Due to the powdery consistency of these shadows, I suggest using an eye shadow brush instead of the applicators that come in the package.


I use Avon’s Supershock mascara in black, and a few of my co-workers have purchased The Superful and Astonishing Lengths Mascaras in black and brown.

We all love what they do for our lashes and would definitely recommend them, especially now that they’re on a special, at 2 for $7.99. Regularly, each one costs $8.99 — so you’re getting two for less than the price of one. Can’t beat that!

The Fails

There are a few items that I would not recommend, even though the price seems right. Avon shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and deodorants all fall in this category.

I find that the hair products have a high alcohol content and make my hair feel like straw. Same thing goes for the body washes, which tend to be very drying. As for their deodorants, I just don’t feel like they’re strong enough for us. They don’t last through my work day; never mind the gym!

Get Gorgeous, Save Some Cash

I hope that my experiences help you all look like the smart, beautiful, and powerful women that you strive to be every day — all without breaking the bank. In the end, looking amazing and feeling your best add up to creating the confidence that everyone, regardless of her budget, should be able to attain.

For more information about the Avon products mentioned here, check out Avon.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Products on a Budget

  1. Aly says:

    I love beauty articles! thanks Jenn!
    Here are a few of mine:
    Neutragena Intensified Day cream spf 15 $12.99 – this product is a beauty staple for me.
    Annabell eyeliners $3.99
    Ion colour defense shampoo and conditioner – I swear I got a 2L jug of it for about $13 and it is the best shampoo EVER!

  2. Bootybootybooty says:

    There is an eyeliner called Kohl that I LOVELOVELOVE, and it’s no more than $4 at walgreens!

  3. mloveb says:

    I use the same liner that Booty recommended and I like it as well. Another inexpensive buy is the apercot scrub by St.Ives and it’s good stuff! I also get a sea sponge for exfoilating my body for 2$ works awesome.

  4. Kellie says:

    Well done! I am so glad that you not only touted the products you love, but also were honest about what is not worth buying. My mother used Avon while I was growing up and trips to the counter were some of the best times.

  5. Jenn says:

    Thanks Kellie, it was a fun article to write.

    Michelle the glimmersticks are on sale right now for roughly half price. I’m going to order a bunch more for myself. 🙂

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