IIFYM – If You Fudgeup Your Macros

Between the IIFYM and Intermittent Fasting nonsense.. my head just hurts.

One of those throbbing, pounding kinds that no aspirin or ibuprofen will help.

Used to have a friend back in the day that any time she felt pain would down a couple Vicodin and drink a beer…. That’s one way to do it I guess..LOL

I would be passed out for days doing that.

Let me ask you though. How many top IFBB PRO bikini, figure, fitness or bodybuilding men and women competitors do IIFYM to prep for a show and end up winning it?


Anyone who tells you different is flat out lying his/her butt off.

Sure its got a cool name, sure they can “sell” the program to noobies and make a killing doing it. Most people I know fell for it at one time or another. Sounds cool. Never tried it.. here’s my money.


There are certain rules, tips, tricks and yes – secrets. Professional models, bikini pros and even male bodybuilders follow. But you can bet your grandma’s fried chicken and some Twinkies it ain’t IIFYM and Intermittent Fasting nonsense.

You don’t need to be a rocket science major with a minor in quantum mechanics from MIT to know the following…

What the heck do you think you do in between your meals or naturally while you’re sleeping?

Keep following the nonsense out there— how’s that working out for you? If it is and you love it so much why do women and men keep reaching out to me?

Let me get something straight right now- if you believe in pixie-dust fairies floating around PLEASE unsubscribe from these emails now.

I limit who can buy from me as I only want people who work hard and are willing to listen to what I tell them to do.

I don’t like Twinkie eating starving yourself programs with fancy names as thats all they have – no substance.. only fancy names to take your money.

When you are tired of the misinformation, no results, wasted money and pixie dust go here:



Olesya Novik

Bikini Competition Body Coach


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