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Discover The 24 Delicious Meal Plan Menus & Customizable Nutrition Program That My Bikini & Figure Competitor & Fitness Model Clients Over 35 Use To Tone, Sculpt & Lose Weight By Eating Only Foods They Love

Women of all ages and sizes who use this SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED eating system I developed are SHOCKED at how quickly they are losing weight, dropping inches and effortlessly getting flat bellies!

Imagine Going From That "Mom-Bod" To Having The Turbo-Charged Metabolism, Flat Belly and Flawless Confidence Of A Bikini Fitness Model In Just Weeks

...No matter your age or starting point...

...whether you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs... still eating the delicious carbs you love...
...and without giving up any of your favorite foods!

REAL Proven Results From REAL Women Of All Ages...
...who followed these meal plans and nutrition program!

Here's Exactly How These Average Ever Day Women Got Their Flat Bellies Back!

Grandma Carmen

Bikini Pro Jasmine

Bikini Pro & Mom of 3 - Tiffany

Bikini Pro & Mom of 5 - Darla

You Get 24 Full Rotational Eating Menus Already Done Listing Exactly What To Eat, When & How Much

The exact same meal plans that I use to coach my bikini, figure and fitness model clients.

Healthy balanced eating plans, rotating carbs, fats and proteins made simple.

Works with any lifestyle and/or hectic schedule. Everything is fully customizable and continually adjustable to never be bored on the plan.  NOTE: WE EAT CARBS!

These are the already done, no-brainer, yummy bikini fitness model meal plans that can be followed right away which my Next Level Angel competitors use.

Whether someone follows a standard, pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free or have allergies to certain foods - they'll actually look forward to clean eating!

Results like my client May who followed these meal plans.

"Fitness Angel" May - Age 56

THE REAL healthy & balanced way of eating my figure, bikini competitor & fitness model clients and I use to lose weight fast, tone, sculpt and get in stage ready shape. Eat like a fitness model to look like one.

These are EXACT macro meal plans my clients use to EAT THE CARBS and other foods they love, has them feeling full and ready to get on stage or for their photo-shoot in no time. Even clients with no time, 5 kids and in their 50's and 60's!

Olesya Novik, CNLP

So many aspiring fitness model hopefuls have been contacting me asking to create other menu plans they can use and have already done. No thought required, just follow and go. Get these laid out meals in advance, make food swaps and simply avoid any foods that may cause issues. I use these menus myself to keep everything fresh, have more options,  and hit my GOALS!

Over the last 15 years that I have been a bikini competitor and fitness model coach, there's one completely common thing I have seen time and time again that stops women from seeing changes:

Most people I find are not eating nearly enough to get lean and accomplish their fitness goals.

They need to eat more foods they love...

Honestly no one should have to deprive themselves of foods they enjoy or spend countless hours in the gym or doing tons of boring cardio...

... its just about doing it the right way - the balanced way.

With the right meal plans and a rock solid support system my clients feel even more energy to love their busy lives!

Here's The 24 Bikini Figure Fitness Model Meal Plans That You Get Immediate Access To:

  • Standard Eating #1 Meal Plan x 3 - Based specifically on the same eating style my bikini fitness model clients use to get their look. Patent pending Carbs, Fats, Protein rotation.
  • Pescetarian Eating Meal Plan x 3 - For those of us who prefer to get the bulk of their protein from fish/shellfish sources.
  • Vegetarian Eating Meal Plan x 3 - Food rotational choices based on protein criteria that meet vegetarian standards and food preferences.
  • Vegan Eating Meal Plan x 3 - Living the vegan lifestyle but still looking for results? Here's the answer... a vegan bikini fitness model style plan.
  • Standard Eating #2 Meal Plan x 3
    Based specifically on the same eating style as the original LBF Standard plan but with different recipes and meals.
  • Paleo + Gluten Free Eating Meal Plan x 3
    Have Gluten Intolerance or just feel like eating Paleo style is more beneficial to overall health? I've adapted the LBF program to account for both these preferences.
  • Egg-Free Meal Plan x 3
    Tired of eating eggs? The thought of egg whites a turn off? Switch it up with my completely egg free eating plan meals.
  • Dairy-Free & Nut-Free Meal Plan x 3
    Completely dairy-free and nut-free. Maybe someone has digestion problems with anything dairy or it bloats? Don't like any nuts. Here's a meal plan that shows them results but without the worry.

Fully Customizable & Adjustable

We are all different and have different goals, some want to compete, some want to just shed a few lbs some have lots more to drop, some just want to be the best healthiest, happiest version of themselves and be a role model to the family..... but ultimately its all about each individual's goals.

The meal plans are constructed in such a way that show my clients how to make adjustments based on their goals, metabolism, hormones, likes/dislikes, preferences, injuries, lifestyle and schedule.

Some clients eat a standard way, some are gluten intolerant, some are vegan, some want paleo, some have other autoimmune triggers they work past - so important to adjust meals as necessary to ensure clients are feeling tons of energy are never hungry and also learn to get their beautiful transformations.


I'll even include approved food lists, exchange swap lists, and teach them how to make adjustments.

So not only do you get the done-for-them menus.. but with the swap lists there are millions of possible combinations of shredding, toning and sculpting foods I use to get lean.

"This wasn't only about Losing Weight Fast for me but Feeling Even More Confident In My Skin..."

I've changed my own life and helped so many other women these last 15 years.  Being and feeling even more "Happy, Awesome, Confident" now in everything we do.

With These 24 Fully Customizable Bikini Figure Fitness Model Meal Plans I Am Also Going To Include:

With these meal plans I am also going to include the rest of my complete LBF nutrition system that I use to coach my bikini competitor and fitness model clients to reach their fitness goals.

Here's everything that's included with the 24 different meal plans:

  • 1
    LBF Quick Start Guide:  Learn the methods my fitness model and bikini competitor clients use to get started hitting those fitness goals.
  • 2
    Intro To NutritionThe reasons explained why eating in this macro rotation works so well for me.
  • 3
    HAC Eating Program:  How my clients, step-by-step eat tons of delicious foods they love, never depriving themselves, starving and always feeling full - still hit their fitness goals.
  • 4
    Eight Customizable Meal Plans: As mentioned - 2 standard, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free menus with millions of food combinations.
  • 5
    Frequently Asked Questions Guide: This is where I'll give answers to the most common questions my clients have when following this program.
  • 6
    How To Stay Motivated Program: The motivation, tips and tools my client use to remain motivated and on track throughout their metabolic fitness journey.
  • 7
    How To Stay Accountable Guide: This guide was put together with proven psychological principles behind it, and teaches how to boost consistency and getting past whatever life throws at us to get in the way.

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What Clients Are Saying About These Weight Loss Meal Plans & Nutritional Coaching Program

“I'm SO impressed at how well this system works!”

“Being in my 50's and having a very busy lifestyle I absolutely love the menus Olesya created. I can rotate through these, swap out the HAC days from menu to menu even from the original one and its so easy." - *Results May Vary

May M.
- Fitness Angel

I never could've accomplished so much without  it.."

“I want to take a minute to give a huge shoutout to my coach Olesya Novik!
I’m so very thankful that I found a coach who’s number one focus was healthier and lined up with my philosophies and allowed me to completely transform and still feel good as a mom of 5 and in my late 50's I have learned so much from Olesya. 
I just wanted to let everyone know that my transformation is in the June issue of Oxygen Magazine!! So exciting, wanted to let everyone know and to say thanks again for all your help in reaching my goals last year. You rock Olesya!! -*Results May Vary

Darla A.
- Bikini Pro & Mom

“Absolutely recommend to work with Olesya ASAP!"

“This amazing coaching program includes everything and got me transformed very quickly even being in my late 50's! I love that the community has all the answers to my questions and Olesya encourages me to eat foods I love! Even works around my schedule and my family. Simply amazing membership! Recommend to get these meal plans! Its a no-brainer." -  *Results May Vary

Grandma Carmen
- Bikini Competitor & Fitness Model

Get Instant Access To The 24 Delicious Meal Plans + Customizable Nutrition Program

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Check Out Feedback From The Community:

I would definitely recommend Olesya for anything!"

“She even made this experience such a pleasurable one. Her knowledge & experience in this field is amazing and she is extremely professional. I love that all food guidance she gave me was all clean eating. No food I didn't like & she has my health and well-being at heart! My transformation was incredible" -  *Results May Vary

Tiffany M
- Bikini Pro & Mom

Absolutely one of the best people I've ever had a chance to work with..."

“It’s hard to find people in this industry who care about others and actually know what they are talking about. It has been an amazing time working with this program and she has helped me accomplish one of my life goals. Absolutely love Olesya's methods and programs" -  *Results May Vary

- Bikini Pro

About the Author

Olesya Novik, CFT

CEO Trusted Wellness LLC

Olesya Novik is the CEO, Founder and Creatrix of the Happy, Awesome, Confident program.

Transforming the lives of her personal coaching clients… who went on to win competitions, get their dream bodies, improve their health and be a role model to their families, and… learning what works and what doesn't when it comes to being healthy and feeling fabulous.

Get Instant Access To The 24 Already Done For You Meal Plans & Adjustable Nutrition Program

Instant Access $57 Today Only $19

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


P.S.: So go ahead and access the bikini fitness model meal plans, commit to success and really put these plans to the test. Like my 113,000 other clients over they last 15 years.. they learned to experience results, and feel even more "Happy, Awesome and Confident" in their skin.

I'm very excited and sincerely look forward to seeing clients in the community!

I love hearing about everyone's beautiful transformation using these bikini fitness model meal plans.

Please send any comments, testimonials, success stories to me personally at:

Instant Access $57 Today Only $19

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